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2014 5K


2014 5K Results

Race Information

The fourth annual 5K will be held Saturday, September 27, 2014. By unpopular demand, this year's 3.1-mile course is in beautiful West-ish Central Houghton. Start time is 11:30 AM at Bill's B&B Bar at 4th St and M-26. Prepare to traverse a tunnel, dodge strolling grannies, cross a US highway, and climb a ridiculous hill. This is the price you pay for a scenic, urban course not at a sewage lagoon.

Note: The word "race" on this page should be taken to mean "not a race". This is a self-supported, unofficial group run. Please don't sue me.

Entry is free of charge. The first three finishers will receive a fine domestic beer carefully chosen by the race organizer. The remaining finishers will receive a beer carelessly chosen by the race organizer.

More Race Information

Enter the Race

Register by filling out this form, taking a photo of it, printing it out, writing on it, scanning it, and emailing it to me as a Windows Metafile (WMF).

Current Entrants

These brave souls entered so far.

  • Josh
  • Nancy
  • Amy
  • Bryant
  • AnnKW
  • Colin
  • Kristin
  • Jimmer
  • ZoĆ«
  • G
  • Steve
  • Kelly
  • Danno*
  • Kiwi
  • Kristi


Buy a handsome yet whimsical hat! To hold down your hair!

2014 RC5K Hat!

$18 each delivered on race day. Please order by Monday, September 15.

Special Thanks

  • team /var/run
  • People's Front of Superior
  • The Internet
  • office supplies stolen from Michigan Technological University
  • Inferior Timing

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